At Guhantara resort earlier this week.

At Guhantara resort earlier this week.

Almost ready.  (at Home)

Almost ready. (at Home)


Waves. A wave. A gesture. Hi! Hello. Of new beginnings, fresh starts, new relationships, old friendships. Time spent with loved ones. Memories. Moments cherished. Of joy, and sorrow. Deep within.

Poke yourself. See what’s inside you. Your true form. The person who you really are. Know your inner self. What makes you? Are you different? common?  What are you doing? Exploring? Pushing? Or too afraid?

Look out. Can you see the horizon? Can you see what lies beyond? Wanna know? Rise up. See the baton? Grab it. And don’t let go. Not till you’re content. Till you’re ready to move on. And then. A new beginning. Then Repeat. Again. And again.

Waves. Of thoughts. Ideas. Expressions. Innovations. And Inventions. Discoveries. Have you discovered yourself? Who is the real you? Are you thinking? Clear head? Or distracted? Divine? or Devil? What are you thinking? Are you only thinking? Or doing something?

Dream. Pursue.

This one’s an Ace.  Don’t miss.

And it has arrived!
Update: Have finished reading this book. And I would recommend it to *everyone* out there, trying to make a dent in the universe.

And it has arrived!

Update: Have finished reading this book. And I would recommend it to *everyone* out there, trying to make a dent in the universe.

Sunday lunch (Taken with Instagram)

Sunday lunch (Taken with Instagram)

recent reads…

Have been reading a lot lately. Books, for now,  seem to be a good distraction from the outside world and coupled with a cup of tea ( with infinite refills ), you wouldn’t know where the hours went!

Most recently, wrapped up Can love happen twice? I just couldn’t stay away from this one, especially having read, and loved, I Too Had A Love Story by the same author.

This one didn’t prove to be as good a read as the first one.  The book leaves you with mixed emotions. Besides, unfortunately, I did read Almost Single. This one was in the pipeline for months before I got my hands onto it. It was an ordeal going through this book. If only I could remember the person who’d recommended it to me!

But the real delight was A Prisoner of Birth. Thoroughly enjoyed it, cover to cover! :) One of my best reads ever! In the near future I’ll be reading a lot more of Jeffrey Archer.

Informal meetup of Fedora contributors in Bangalore

 A bunch of Fedora volunteers and contributors have decided to meetup this Saturday, i.e. the 14th Jan’12 at the Forum Food Court in Koramangala at 11 a.m. IST .

It is open to one and all and people would be more than happy to see you turn up! Also, if you need Fedora ISOs or any other help, do come ( with a USB stick perhaps ). Hopefully, people would be able to help you out!

Revenge is a dish best served cold.
— Jeffery Archer

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